"I sometimes ask myself - would anyone, Jew or non-Jew alike, understand this

  about me: that I am​ simply a young girl, badly in need of some rollicking fun?"             

                                                                                       - Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl


 In a city declaired Judenrein ("free of Jews"), teenaged Lothar Orbach roamed the streets freely, hiding in plain sight with peroxided hair, a black-market pistol and a fake Aryan identity. Submerged in Berlin's seedy underground (a  network of desperate souls tagged as Hitler's undesirables), Lothar aka Gerhard Peters transformed himself into a devious con man/pool shark/gigolo/thief, risking death at every turn.

Ultimately he was captured and endured the consummate hell that was Auschwitz.

But first: he tasted life  - including its forbidden fruits - in a way that Anne could only dream about. 


Lothar didn't simply "survive" inside his burning city. His courage,  his humanity, his audacious humor,

​his romantic spirit - all remained SOARING UNDERGROUND.


                    (More coming soon...)