Soaring Praise for Larry Orbach & Vivien Orbach-Smith's             

Soaring Underground:

 "An EXCITING and UNUSUAL mixture of Holocaust journal, coming-of-age story, and memoir of life on the seedy underside of Berlin during WW II. Lothar (now Larry) Orbach was born in 1924 to a family of assimilated, patriotic Jews who could trace their German lineage back to the 15th century... whose patriotism became their downfall... Written with the help of Orbach's daughter, this is TOTALLY COMPELLING, and one of the rarer stories of the Holocaust."

Kirkus Reviews - starred review, "Book of Special Note"​​

"SURREALISTIC, poignant, comic... a mesmerizing trip."

West Coast Review of Books

"Reads like a novel... ironic, adventuresome and TRUE."

Dr. Michael Berenbaum, former Director, The Shoah Foundation

"A FASCINATING account of Berlin under the Nazis and (Orbach's) rather unusual adventures..."

The Jerusalem Post




"AN IMPORTANT work that must be read by all... a literary work worthy of DOSTOEVSKY."

Der Frankfurter Algemeiner

"Possibly the strangest book that came across my desk this year. Pitched as 'a CATCHER IN THE RYE with a Holocaust backdrop' ... smuggling contraband, sexual discovery, and street fights are at the forefront of the memoir. At heart, it’s the story of a boy who comes of age in a world where there are no rules, and where, quite literally, thousands of people want him dead."

Matthue Roth, "The Holocaust in Culture: Best of 2009,"

"INTENSE, sometimes HILARIOUS and horrifying, the flip side of Anne Frank's diary."

Robert Lipsyte, author/columnist

"Brings a clear understanding of the evils that bigotry and prejudice may produce... RECOMMENDED for the high school Holocaust-education curricula of New Jersey."

Dr. Paul B. Winkler, director, N.J. State Commission on Holocaust Education


"Imagine a Holocaust memoir so STARTLING, so INTRIGUING and beautifully told, that you don't want to put it down from the first page of the introduction until the very last word... Set in a world of desperate souls, fugitives with false identities, and Jews and Aryans of every ilk, from the courageous and kind to the cruel and cowardly, Soaring Underground is part tragedy and part adventure - full of love and sex, terror and joy... Orbach's narrative is consistently clear-eyed, warm, intelligent and never bitter... It is a credit to Orbach-Smith and her father that his voice and his unforgettable story emerge so clearly. This is a TRANSCENDENT book."

Stamford Advocate/Greenwich Time

"VITAL, YOUTHFUL reading. Never loses its vivacity or humour. Stands next to Anne's diary on the same shelf, with the same living message."

The British Morning Star


"RIVETING coming-of-age story reads like a cross between a THRILLER & a fantasy."

Alix Kates Shulman, Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen