Email me about book talks/signings.*

"You made a wonderful contribution to the program and gave us all much to think about. I intend to reserve time on the House floor to read a copy of your presentation."

(Former) Congressman Christopher Shays (CT)

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful stories on our panel. You captured and inspired the audience with your personal reflections and grace, and kept each of us wanting to hear more."

Cindy Leibovitch

Jewish Community Project- Downtown Manhattan


"Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Your words touched students and staff and provoked discussion. Thanks for forthrightness in your approach to unity through diversity."                      

Carol Sutton

Greenwich High School, CT

"Your creativity, enthusiasm and poise riveted the audience... We could have sold twice the number of books ordered."

Sarah Doppelt, Essex County NJ Chapter

Brandeis University Women's Committee

"You inspired and informed all of us; you had the audience spellbound..."

 Cynthia Berenson

Jewish Federation of Palm Springs, CA


"All of us were deeply touched by your innate understanding of your parents' and grandparents' lives during those horrendous years."

H. Scheraga

Holocaust Child Survivors of CT


​​*Affiliated organizations should  contact the  UJC Speakers Bureau for information on booking and possible speaker subsidy.​





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